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My Story

I have 20+ years of experience in various clinical settings as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Cardiology and Diabetes Education. Most of the patients and clients I have served live with a chronic disease that can be managed by making a few changes to their lifestyle.  The barrier that exists is not in gaining knowledge about their condition or being told what to do in regards to making lifestyle modifications.  Rather, the barrier exists in getting and staying motivated to create change.


That's why my mission is simple:  help as many people as I possibly can live their healthiest, best life through tiny daily adjustments.

Ready to upgrade your health?  Let's do this!

The Process

The process is easier than you think!  

Step 1:  Realize that this process is NOT punishment.  Rather, it is the greatest form of self love you could gift yourself.

Step 2:  Schedule your free initial consultation!  Together we will set reasonable goals with an attainable action plan that will fill you confidence, not shame.


Step 3:  We meet weekly either to workout or discuss your week via health coaching.  Honestly?  Do both!  It will give you the edge anyone needs to get to the start line and keep you accountable throughout the journey.

Step 4:  Realize there is no finish line.  Welcome to your newly upgraded life!

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